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September 23, 2010

Mt Silcox

This is the beginning a series of posts of photos that were taken August 22nd on a trek to Mount Silcox, which stands at the southern end of the Cube Iron – Silcox roadless area. It is an unusual place because it is within the roadless area, and the country to the north of it and on both sides is very wild country, yet four miles to the south and 4,500 feet below the peak is the small town of Thompson Falls Montana. Looking down at a town after a hike up to a wild mountain peak is not one of my favorite things, but the trail to it and the surrounding country makes it well worthwhile anyway. The trail by which I chose to approach the mountain begins at the Goat Lakes trail head situated at the end of a twelve mile long Forest Service road that branches off from the West Fork of Thompson River.

Because the weather was quite unsettled and because I had never been to this place before, I decided to drive to the trail head in the evening and spend the night there, allowing an early start on the trail the next morning.

You know a trip will be pretty when scenes like this can be seen from the road to the trail head:

From the road to the Goat Lakes trail head

(By the way, the very sharp and tallest peak on the skyline just about in the center of the photo is Eddy Peak. It was from it’s top that the photo in my previous post was taken and I will post a series of photos taken on that trip a little later.)

The sleeping accommodations at the trail head were a bit Spartan, but it was very comfortable to be out of the wind, and listening to the rain on the shell of the truck for an hour or so during the night was just delightful!

The Goat Lakes trail head

(To be continued…)

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