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August 2, 2010

Thompson Peak (1)

Two weeks ago I visited this peak for several reasons, one of which was that I had never been to it before and always wanted to go, and another was because I wanted to see what nature has been doing to this piece of wild country that was right in the middle of the huge Chippy Creek fire (150 square miles) in 2007. I will write a series of posts about the trip and the photos in those posts will be simply in the order in which they were taken, in an attempt to show what the trip was like.

In this photo taken a few days before the trip from it’s neighbor Baldy Mountain, Thompson peak is the one with the sharp peak just about in the center

Thompson Peak seen from Baldy Mountain

and this is what the peak looked like on August 4, 2007. It is nearly obscured by the plume of smoke which was nearly 20,000 feet high and extended about ten miles from left to right.

Thompson Peak area during the Chippy Creek fire in 2007

(The route to Thompson Peak that I chose was by hiking trail 310 from the trail head on Forest Service road 5582, then taking trail 1309 to trail 291, then 291 to the top, a hike of three to four miles. The trail head is at 5,700 feet elevation and the top of the peak is 7,460 feet. As a result of the fire the trails are a bit rough in places.)

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