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June 13, 2010

They get steeper every year…

This trail today seemed to go clear to the sky.

Baldy Mountain trail 340USFS trail 340T in the Baldy Mountain roadless area, Cabinet Mountains, Lolo National Forest, western Montana.

(Yes those are patches of snow. There are still snowbanks ten feet deep at the top of the mountain.)


June 12, 2010

Miner’s lettuce

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As the name implies, this was allegedly used as a a salad green by early prospectors. The leaves contain vitamins A and C.

Miner's lettuce

Miner's lettuceMiner’s lettuce, Claytonia perfoliata, Purslane family


June 10, 2010


I’ve always loved Scarlet Gilia because of its brilliant red color; one of the few truly red wildflowers. I prefer to go along with those who call it “Skyrocket”.

Scarlet GiliaScarlet Gilia, Skyrocket, Gilia aggregata, Phlox family


June 9, 2010

American Vetch… and visitor

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It is always worth while to spend time by the river because there’s almost always something beautiful there and today’s visit was no exception.

American VetchAmerican Vetch, Vicia americana, Pea family

June 8, 2010

After the bloom is gone

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the Bull Thistles still maintain a presence. Even after an entire winter these stand over five feet tall and continue to catch the eye while the stalks of this summer’s plants are still in their infancy. (That’s one of my favorite fishin’ streams in the background.)

Bull thistle

Bull thistle


June 7, 2010

Camas & Camas

While on a fishing trip to Thompson River today I found that the Blue Camas are blooming along the Little Thompson River. The bulbs of the Blue (or Common) Camas are starchy, nutritious, have a high sugar content and were an important food source for the Indians in this area. Many battles and indeed wars, were fought over collecting rights to certain camas meadows.

Common CamasCommon camas, Blue Camas, Small camas, Camassia quamash, Lily family

Common Camas

Common Camas

There are also other bulbs that closely resemble those of the Blue Camas, but the bulbs of the Death Camas are highly toxic. Prudence dictated that Camas bulbs were harvested while the plants were in bloom to avoid confusing the two types!

Death CamasDeath camas, Zigadenus venenosus, Lily family

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