Montana Outdoors

June 21, 2010

One thousand

WordPress “stats” tells me that this is post number one thousand in this blog. Without commenting on the mental state of anyone who makes that many posts, I will simply offer some photos taken a week ago in my favorite kind of place, a roadless area; this one being the Baldy Mountain Roadless Area in the Cabinet Mountains of western Montana. They are from the top, or near the top, of the mountain at just about 7,500 feet; 5,000 feet above the valley below. I wish it were possible for everyone to make the hike up there with me!

Baldy Mountain trail

Snow across the trailSnowbank over the trail

Baldy Mountain trail

Baldy Mountain trail

The top

Site of the old lookoutSite of the old lookout from the 1930’s

Baldy LakeBaldy Lake


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