Montana Outdoors

February 10, 2010

The home of the pack

A couple of days ago I posted photos of some wolf tracks. This photo shows just a small piece of the home turf of that pack, covering around twelve square miles (or 15%) of their approximately eighty square mile range. Near the bottom of the photo, the route of an old logging road can be seen, and that is where I encountered the tracks, about a mile or so up from the access road. Their whole range also includes roughly another seventy square miles toward the left of the peak and far beyond. I love to look at that scene and think about them roaming freely through the high country snows and open forest above.

Cabinet Mountains

The high country that was behind me as I took the previous photo is also potentially part of this pack’s territory. Before the snow leaves I will hike back that way too and see of there is any sign of them there. Their range would surely stop before the far peaks, for that is part of the range of another pack. I know less about that one, but for several winters I have seen their tracks in that area. The following photo was taken not far from the previous one, but in the reverse direction. The two areas are connected by what has become one of my favorite trails.

Cabinet Mountains


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