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January 17, 2010

An old homesite

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An old homesite

On a few occasions while out and about in the world outside the cities, I come across a place which completely captivates me for one reason or other. This is one of those places.

Just past the old gate to the left and a little down toward the draw on the right there is a small flat place, too flat and perfectly placed to be completely natural. An active spring still flows out from under the willows in the bottom of the draw. I perceive it to be the site of an old home from long ago, most likely from a time before the turn of the nineteenth century.

There is no sign of a road to the site nor are there any traces of a structure there other than a few sticks of old weathered wood that have the appearance of having been worked and several pieces of metal that are too rusted to be identifiable. What does remain is what I can only imagine to be at least a million memories of what it was like to live in that place at that particular time.

What a wonderful setting it provides for one to sit for a spell and attempt to capture just a few of those old memories while enjoying the complete tranquility and subtle beauty of the scene.

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