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September 15, 2009


There is an old road not far from where I live that many times serves as a place for a short conditioning hike, as it did this morning. The first mile includes an ascent of about a thousand feet which does wonders for one’s cardiopulmonary system

Weeksville canyon

then the road levels off a bit and provides some nice valley views and, this time of year, some Fall colors.

Fall colors

The return trip is good for the legs and this morning contained as well one of Nature’s pleasant little surprises with summer colors; a Yellow Rabbitbrush in bloom.

Yellow rabbitbrush

Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus


September 13, 2009

Turning colors

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This evening I went for a brief hike to a place I know where there is a pretty good chance of seeing a moose. This wasn’t the day for moose, but I did come upon a gorgeous black bear with shiny, long, jet-black hair (the 7th I’ve seen this summer) and another pleasant surprise; a glimpse of some early fall colors. These are shrubs growing on an area burned in a forest fire many years ago.

Fall colors


September 12, 2009

Moth Mullein

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Today this blossom was added to the list of wildflowers that I had never seen before although it seems to be quite common and is found in most states.

Moth Mullein

Moth Mullein,
Verbascum blattaria

It is growing along a short trail near the top of the Red Sleep Mountain Drive on the National Bison Range in western Montana. To the north of that location you can look over the Mission Valley and into the Mission Mountain range.

Mission Mountains, Montana


September 11, 2009


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On a short hike this evening I found this pleasant little blossom growing in the middle of a deer trail. I first saw them bloom this year in early April, very soon after the snow had melted. They are still blooming now not long before the first snow of the coming winter will arrive in the high country.

Wild strawberry

September 8, 2009

Thread-leaved daisies

Rimming a pond on a small ranch near here is a profusion of flowers, blooming now after nearly all others have gone. Curiosity overcame prudence and enticed me to get a closer look and after I found out too late that the tall thick grass in front of the pond was actually growing in about a foot of water I slogged up on the bank and found that those white blooms were Thread-leaved daisies which obviously bloom later than the other varieties of daisies. I found their leaves especially attractive.

Thread-leaved Daisies

September 7, 2009

A bright blue berry

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This single large bright metallic-blue berry at the end of August

Queen's Cup fruit

was the result of this Queen’s Cup blossom in early June.

Queen's cup

Who’d a thunk it?

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