Montana Outdoors

July 7, 2009

A nice surprise

This evening I explored a section of trail and found that it was indeed the eastern end of a trail that I have been researching because I think it may be a major wildlife corridor between Baldy Mountain and Big Hole Peak; a small breakthrough, but an important one to me. It wasn’t a long hike and the temperature was in the high 60’s, but there was enough “up” to the trail to move a liter of water from my hydration pack to my sweat towel.

At my starting point at the top of Loneman Divide I was pleasantly surprised to see that these Bird’s-foot trefoils were in bloom.

Bird's-foot trefoil

Bird's-foot trefoil

Bird's-foot trefoil

Bird’s-foot trefoil
Lotus corniculatus

And Nature, as She so often does, had another little bonus for me too. It seemed that the last rays of the setting sun on these Harebells was just right.


It was a very pleasant and satisfying evening!

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