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July 5, 2009

If it hadn’t been for the milkweed…

Last night in the near darkness along the riverbank as I was returning home from fishing I could have gotten a photo of the most beautiful Showy Milkweed except for two things; (1) I had my fishing rod in my hand and (2) I didn’t have my camera in my hand.

This morning before the sun heated up and the light became too harsh, I went back for a photo and couldn’t find the flower. Well, it might have become part of something’s diet overnight. However, had I not gone back there I would not have seen these Toadflax,

Common Toadflax

Common Toadflax

(Common Toadflax, Butter & Eggs, Linaria vulgaris)

or this Western St. John’s-wort (the native one, not the invasive),

Western St. John's-wort

(Western St. John’s-wort
Hypericum scouleri)

or this clump of Scarlet Gilia,

Scarlet Gilia

(Scarlet Gilia,
Ipomopsis aggregata)

this Brown-eyed Susan,

Brown-eyed Susan

(Brown-eyed Susan,
Gaillardia aristata)

or get these photos of a Deptford Pink.

Deptford Pink

Deptford Pink

(Dianthus armeria,
Deptford pink)

I think I’ll go back tonight and look one more time for that Milkweed.

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