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June 26, 2009

I’d hike a mile…

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Many years ago, Camel cigarettes used in their advertising the phrase, “I’d walk a mile for a Camel”. Well, tonight I walked a mile for a bear.

After spending most of the day on a trail on which I didn’t want to take our dog, this evening I took her out for a walk just for her and at the end of a mile’s hike to the Spring Creek trail head I got a close look at a big and beautiful black bear (the fourth one I’ve seen this summer). What wonderful creatures they are! I’d walk a mile to see one like that any time!

The earlier hike, while covering only about seven miles, was scenic enough that I brought back over eighty photos. Here’s a shot of one of the varieties of Mariposa lilies which are blooming in great abundance right now. (I’d walk a mile for one of these, too!)

Mariposa Lily

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