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April 24, 2009

The survivor

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Quite often, of an evening, I enjoy a long walk along the road that passes in front of our house: I have it mostly to myself anyway and that way I don’t have to drive someplace to go for a hike.

In one place by the side of that road this time of year some blossoms appear on a nondescript little tree and I find them quite pretty. Several years ago I convinced myself that the tree is likely a pear and probably began its life there as a result of someone throwing out a piece of fruit that somehow managed to grow. When I pass, I smile and wish it well and enjoy the pretty little thing that provides a tiny spot of beauty in a most unlikely place.

An unlikely bloom

Their name fits: “Fairybells”.

Rough-fruited Fairybells

Rough-fruited Fairybells

I’ve found these tiny, delicate members of the Lily family are hard to find and even harder to photograph. They grow in 13 of the western states (but not California), Michigan (where they are listed as “threatened”), and in 5 provinces of Canada.

Rough-fruited Fairybells

(Disporum trachycarpum)

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