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April 4, 2009

A waterfall with no name

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Rainbow Lake, or Dog Lake as the old timers still call it (seen in my previous post), is fed by four small streams, none of which has a name. One of the streams, not far from the lake itself, has a rather pretty waterfall, also without a name. It has two parts.

The upper partWaterfall with no name

The lower part
Waterfall with no name

It’s difficult to photograph this place, though perhaps only for a beginner, because of the way it is is oriented: if the sun is out the sun will play on part of the water, yet the rest of the falls is in deep shade. The area at the base of the falls is steep and rocky and yesterday when I took these photos, still covered with deep snow and ice: dense brush allows only a small area from which to take photos, and so the options are quite limited.

The waterfall with no name
Waterfall with no name

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