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March 15, 2009

Dog Lake

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Dog Lake

While spring has not fully arrived yet in western Montana, in the low elevation river valleys most of the snow has melted, the ground is still frozen only in shady places and there are a few buttercups already braving the elements and displaying their blossoms in between sporadic snow falls. This lake, only a dozen miles from the river and 1,500 feet higher in elevation, is still in the land of the snow plows.

When I was a kid it was called “Dog Lake”, then for some reason I never did understand its name was changed to “Rainbow Lake”, and now I think it has reverted back to “Dog Lake”, which is what all of the old timers have always called it anyway. (The tiny dot nearly at the far end, a little more visible in the next photo, is an ice fishing shelter, still being used by someone who is very fond of winter.)

Dog Lake

Dog Lake is on the Flathead Indian Reservation giving it a slim chance that the Tribe will have the wisdom to protect it from the devastation that has taken place on its larger neighbor, Flathead Lake, 40 miles to the northeast, where development has taken its natural beauty away from the majority of us and turned much of it into an ugly monument to the wealth and greed of the few. If not, these photos, like many of my others may serve only to remind folks of what used to be.

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