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March 14, 2009

To save a tree…

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A new fire hall will soon be built in a small town about 50 miles from here and my Son, who is a heavy equipment operator, was assigned the job of preparing the site for it, using a dozer to strip back and pile up the top soil and an excavator to dig the footings and other below ground prep. One casualty of the site was to be a tree, a beautiful young Ponderosa pine about 12 feet tall. It was in the way of the road access to the building and there was simply no place on site to which it could be relocated.

My Son called and asked if we would like to have it planted here and the answer was …. OF COURSE! There was plenty of discussion about how we might do that, mostly concerning the equipment we would need on this end to unload and plant it: the equipment on the job site was more than adequate for loading it into his truck.

We ended up doing the planting the old fashioned way: we worked for it! With a pick, shovels and a rock bar we prepared a new home for the little tree and man-handled it off the truck and into the hole. So far everything looks good and it should have an excellent chance of recovering: we certainly hope so! It was well worth a little hard work to give that beautiful little tree a second chance!

To save a tree To save a tree

To save a tree To save a tree

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