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March 9, 2009

A blustery day.

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A rapids in a western river is a rather unruly piece of nature, and when better to illustrate such a place than on a blustery day in early March when the cold old man of Winter is engaged in a desperate struggle to repel the soft, warm advent of Spring.

After a cold night which occupied itself for the most part with intermittency… snow, wind, clear sky with bright stars, cold, hail… the dawning of a day of similar character should have been a reasonable expectation, and it was; an excellent time to visit the rapids.

Taking advantage of the good fortune of having three small rapids within walking distance about a mile or so downstream from my house, I wandered Sunday afternoon down to that area and spent some quality time at the second one amusing myself with setting up a camera and tripod among the moss and ice covered rocks on the river bank under the meager protection of a wind-blown umbrella while in the middle of a brief but heavy snow storm and a longer period of gropple driven down river by a brisk wind.

Those rapids this time of year are not big and dramatic and the photos that resulted are not great ones, but do serve I think, to display an entirely different character of the river from the more tranquil side reflected in most of my photos.

Rapids on the Clark Fork

Rapids on the Clark Fork

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