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January 27, 2009

Ice on the Flathead

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Yesterday during one of those sunny days that have been quite rare lately, I caught a few shots of ice cakes on the lower Flathead river, about 5 miles upstream from its mouth. The areas of open water and the reflections in them caught my eye. A mile below this, the ice cakes cover the river from bank to bank.

Ice on the Flathead

Ice on the Flathead

Despite all the problems the old house in this photo may have, lack of scenery doesn’t appear to be one of them. Remember the Marlboro Man? I learned last week that some of those commercials were shot here. One of my distant cousins would truck in some of his horses and meet the photo crew there while the actors were being flown in from New York. Well, at least some of it was from the real west!

Ice on the Flathead

(These photos were taken on the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana.)

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