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December 16, 2008

Ice garden

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Today I visited the area of beaver activity about which I posted a few days ago to see how the severe cold that has settled in has changed the ice. What I found was a complete surprise!

The water in the vicinity of the beaver’s activities has frozen into ice so thick that I was able to jump on it: that I expected. What I didn’t expect was what has appeared on the surface.

This photo shows where the little stream enters the river. Notice the lumpy appearance of the ice in the foreground. There is 2 to 5 feet of water beneath that ice.

Creek and river ice

This photo provides a little closer look at those lumps which at first glance look a little like big spiders, at second glance, like white ferns growing there.

Pond Ice

The rest of the photos are close-ups of individual lumps, which are two to four inches across and at most a half inch in height. When I touched several very gently with my fingertip, they disintegrated completely into “ice dust”, resembling fine snowflakes. I could feel no resistance to my touch and there was no organic material inside them, just very, very fine ice crystals.

Ice figure

Ice figure

Ice figure

Ice figure

Ice figure

Ice figure

Ice figure

Ice figure

December 15, 2008

Cold arctic air

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Along with most of the country, we’re enjoying (?!) the influx of cold arctic air. Sure does make for some pretty skies though.

Cold arctic air

(The view from the same place looked like this back in June.)

American vetch

December 14, 2008

Season changes

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Not far upstream from here, a small stream meanders through the low land just off the river and in that small channel some beavers have erected several small dams and a couple of small lodges.

It’s a pleasant place, and I’ve taken to moseying through it fairly often and have taken a few photos of the seasonal changes.

October fifth.

Beaver dam - October 5

December first.

Beaver dam - December 1

December thirteenth.

Beaver dam December 13

I’m already looking forward to the changes that spring will bring.

December 13, 2008

Nature’s rock garden

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Nature's rock garden

Nature's rock garden

(Nature has a slightly different perspective on rock gardens.)

Winter’s coming!

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Winter's coming

(No, that’s not it: that’s just last night’s snow. It was 21° this morning, 12° now and the high for the next two days is forecast to be 2°, with the overnight lows -16° to -18°. Does the wood stove ever feel good!)

Frost bands

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Sometimes, a band of fog will settle into a valley and leaves, when it finally lifts, a band of frost that shows where it had been.

Frost bands

Frost bands

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