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December 6, 2008

The “whuzzits”.

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I suppose anyone who wanders around aimlessly shooting photos like I do ends up at the end of a year with a number of oddities in his collection. Not knowing what else to do with some that I acquired, I decided to post them here. (Someone shoot me!)

From January:
(This was ice on the edge of Buffalo Bill Creek. The previous photo was of a Big Horn Sheep who stood watching the whole procedure, sadly shaking his head.)

Ice pattern

From February:
(An icicle growing from the roof in the sun. What else do you have to do in February anyway?)


From March:
(Believe it or not, this was a lichen on a rock. OK, so I “fluffed” it up a little.This photo was shot in between shots of Buttercups.)


From April:
(Raindrops on a spider’s web. The spider wasn’t especially happy.)

Raindrops on a spider web

From May:
(Usually I photograph single blossoms. Couldn’t figure out how to do that ¬†with these!)


From December:
(Ice on a puddle in the high country. I guess most of the middle part of the year had interesting stuff to occupy my interest. Now there’s ice!)


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