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October 6, 2008

Multiple use

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Animal tracks

The deep imprint roughly in the center is from a White-tail deer, the tracks near the top are from Coyotes, a Bobcat made the very clear print to the right, and the lines were made by a Beaver last night dragging willow branches down to the water. I think this is called “multiple use”.


A difference

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The other day I caught just a glimpse of this scene near where I live (it’s the same area in which I captured the photos used in my two previous posts) and had to investigate.

Lynch Creek

It’s not a large area, but so thick with brush and tall grass (4 – 5 feet tall) that no one ever goes into it, leaving it for the deer, coyotes, muskrats, foxes and beavers (more about them later)… and me. As the following photos show, the tall Black Cottonwoods are just beginning to turn color while some of the lower brush is already colorful and the tall grass is still bright green.

Lynch Creek

Lynch Creek

Lynch Creek

Lynch Creek

Lynch Creek

One edge of this area borders on the river, and on the other side of that, hardly 300 yards away, things appear quite different.

Clark Fork River

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