Montana Outdoors

August 30, 2008

Koo Koo Sint 2

A perspective.

Eddy Mountain photographed from Koo Koo Sint Ridge

Eddy Mountain

There is a lonely lookout tower (one of the few remaining towers that are still in use) on the top of Eddy Mountain. At 6957 feet in elevation it sits 4557 feet above the Clark Fork River (at the bottom of the photo); nearly a mile above it. (If you view the large size version of this photo, you can get an idea of what the lookout itself looks like.)

The Eddy Mountain Lookout

Eddy Mountain Lookout

If the Sears Tower had been built at the river level, and another built on top of it, and still another built on top of that, and if you stood on the very top of all three, you would be almost at eye level with the lookout.

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