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July 21, 2008

July: they keep on blooming

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Among all of the distractions of a Montana summer, it wouldn’t be right to ignore the wildflowers that just keep blooming. I greatly enjoy their beauty even though I can’t identify all of them.



This plant is quite low growing and the blossom would suggest a fruit, but I can’t place it.


Blue unknown


Elderberry. It’s interesting to see this one blooming while at the same time the fruit of the Serviceberry is already ripe.

Elderberry blossoms

Looks like a species of geranium?

Wild geranium

These bright colored blossoms are growing high on the river bank, nearly buried in the taller vegetation. (In mid and late summer, the vegetation along the river below my house grows thick and luxuriant. In the spring, one can easily walk along the bank, but now the plants are as tall as I am and walking through them becomes hazardous because of the pits the beavers will sometimes dig there and the possibility of diamondbacks nestled down in the shade.)




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