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June 24, 2008

A beauty and a beast

Often when attempting to frame exactly the shot I want of a flower, I end up lying on the ground, crawling around through the shrubbery, or slithering along like a snake, and that’s what I was doing today while photographing this Bear Grass blossom. (The beauty)

Bear Grass, xerophyllum tenax

Bear Grass

Suddenly, off to my left and quite close, I saw a quick movement and turned my head slowly to see a visitor (The beast). He either didn’t notice me because I was down inside the foliage or perhaps just didn’t consider me to be a threat (which I wasn’t) and so approached quite close, stood on a log and nibbled on some leaves. Since my camera was already on I was able to get a photo of him even though it was directly into the sun. He was a pleasant little fellow and he even gave me a few tips about getting the exposure right for certain Bear Grass photos.

Columbian Ground Squirrel.

Columbian Ground Squirrel

Columbian Ground Squirrel from

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