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May 27, 2008

Finally, Cherry Peak

Yesterday a short drive in the Jeep enabled me to find out that the road to one of my favorite trailheads is now passable, and so today I had to see how far up the trail itself I could go before being stopped by the snow. As it turned out, about 3 miles, but far enough to be able to see into the Cherry Peak roadless area, one of my all-time favorite places.

I’m tired right now, partly because of the hike and partly because of a 4 AM wake-up call with Rural Fire, and so I’ll post only a couple of photos from today and post more later (I brought back 88 photos: thank Goodness for digital).

The trail was open for the most part, but there was about a half mile of this (the snow depth here varied from 1 to 4 feet but it was frozen just enough to make it possible to stay on top):

Trail to Cherry Peak

This photo was taken at the point where I finally had to stop but it was actually where I wanted to be anyway for today. Later in the summer I plan to spend a night or two about 5 miles further up. The trail from which it was taken is in the Coeur d’Alene Mountains: the peaks in the distance are to the north across the Clark Fork River valley and they are part of the Cabinet Mountains. Can you imagine what the snow looked like here in mid-winter?

Near Cherry Peak

And this is what I wanted to see, some of the peaks in the Cherry Peak roadless area. This is part of Montana’s wild country!

Cherry Peak roadless area

For anyone interested in seeing a variety of maps of the area, there’s a terrific website called that displays them free. Once on their site, go to the right side-bar, click on Lolo then scroll down to and click on Cherry Peak.

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