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May 20, 2008

A butterfly day

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It started this morning when I did my best to catch up with a pretty little butterfly with orange tips on its white wings who was visiting one of my wife’s flower gardens. No luck there, but this small green-eyed one (Cabbage white) made a visit and that was some consolation.

Green-eyed butterfly

Green-eyed butterfly

After getting some yard work completed I rewarded myself this afternoon with a short hike up a Forest Service road not far from here to photograph some wildflowers and encountered this unusual little fellow. I have no idea at all what species it is and I have never seen one like it before.

Unknown butterfly

Five flower photos later and the day came around full cycle with the arrival of one of the little white and orange guys (Stella orangetip) who, this time, was more interested in examining a flower than he was in foiling my attempts to photograph him.


As usual I am amazed at the beauty and diversity of nature and even more amazed at the members of my own species who, without any knowledge at all of what these little creatures are and what part they play in maintaining the natural balance of this planet, are willing to risk disturbing that balance and destroy the habitat that supports them.

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