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April 28, 2008

A GoldWing day

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With warmer temperatures now and most of the snow off the roads, it again becomes ‘Wing time and so today the bike was on the road again for its 27th summer and believe me, the pilot’s seat never felt better! It was a short ride of only a hundred miles today, just for checking everything out and getting used to handling the big bike again.

The weather was great along the Clark Fork and the temperature finally reached the 70’s for the first time in seven months.


I would have ridden a little longer but I discovered that the road was closed. This is a minor highway that crosses a fairly low pass into the Idaho panhandle, and although the pass is only about 4,800 feet high, it receives a lot of snow. When they say the road is closed up there, they really mean it! Here is what it was like at about 3,900 feet, 3 or 4 miles short of the pass. You can imagine what Going to the Sun road in Glacier is like now!

Thompson Pass

While these machines were about to be worked hard to get the road open,


thousands of these little guys were starting their short summer lives in the high country. I was surprised to see them in an area where there was still 5 feet of snow on the ground.

Cold country butterfly

The ‘Wing seemed to like the cooler temperatures near the pass, but maybe I could have used a jacket. There’s a lot of beautiful scenery to see from Montana’s highways and no better way to see that part of the state than from a big bike!


Gold Wing

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