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April 1, 2008

Elk and buttercups

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During a short trip into one of my favorite areas just a couple of days ago I had an experience that would be a thrill for anyone who loves wildlife.

A couple of miles from the road as I approached a high ridge, slightly to my right I saw four white-tail deer. As I watched them, a movement directly in front of me caught my attention and directed my eyes to a half dozen mule deer. And, as I was looking at them, I glanced at a patch of tan above them on the steep hillside and discovered a group of six elk grazing along there. It’s not often that one can see all three species together and be able to watch them all without taking a step!

A rather fumbling attempt to stalk into camera range of the elk was successful only in spooking the mulies who in turn spooked the elk, and so I came away with no photos of them. I’ll substitute this one taken while hunting in the area last October instead. It’s a hunter’s eye view.


After effectively spooking all the game in the area I continued up to the top of the ridge where, despite my bumbling, I was able to stalk within camera range of some buttercups, and had to chuckle because I noticed that earlier in the spring they had been fertilized by the elk. An interesting example of the benefits of natural biodiversity.

Buttercups and elk

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