Montana Outdoors

February 20, 2008

Two lookouts

For me, old lookout towers hold a sort of mystique, especially in winter, and I was pleased that from the highest point of yesterday’s hike it was possible to take long range photos of two different ones. At a range of eight miles, Big Hole Lookout was visible atop Big Hole Peak (in the Cabinet mountains).

Big Hole Lookout

In August 2007, in the smoke of the Chippy Creek fire, I took this close-up photo of the building,

Big Hole lookout tower

and this one was taken while ascending the trail on the same day.

Big Hole Lookout

About 30ยบ to the left of Big Hole, the Eddy Mountain tower sits cold and white at eleven miles away atop Eddy Peak (in the Coeur d’Alene mountains).

Eddy Peak

Both are cold and white and lonely this time of year. Snowmobiles are not permitted in either place and avalanche danger is high on the slopes below them, prohibiting even snow shoe travel. I felt fortunate to be able to approach them with the camera lens.

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