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February 16, 2008

A new friend

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Intermingled with the joys of life there are also times of sadness. In May of last year, our family entered into one of those sad times when our Labrador Retriever friend of ten years succumbed to an incurable problem with his immune system. His name was Colonel, and few have ever had more loyal, forgiving and loving companions than he was all of his life. Colonel will always be fondly remembered as a rare friend who chose to love us through all of our faults and failings, good times and bad, and as the constant companion who made home life, hikes and hunting trips ever so much more enjoyable.


It has taken some time to get beyond the feeling of not wanting to ever go through that much heart-break again, but we finally did get past it because we realized that, in a shelter somewhere, there might be a new friend who would not otherwise even have a chance to enjoy life, and for whom any time being cared for in a good home would be immeasurably better than none at all.

Last week in a shelter operated by the Humane Society of Western Montana we encountered just such a new friend. Her age made it difficult for them to place her in a home, but it was impossible for us to resist the look in her eyes, the only way she had to ask for a chance. Her name is Molly, and she is an English Pointer who has not had a very good life for the past seven years. She has never had a friend before and is just starting to learn how wonderful it feels to have someone love her. She is quickly responding to us with love of her own and with a little time and patience she will do just fine!


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