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February 10, 2008

More trains

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It seems that I have a compulsion to photograph trains. My rationale for this is that they are actually a very fuel efficient means of freight transport relative to other methods and deserve more attention for that reason. My wife however, says it’s because they are easier to track than wildlife. (Sorry, I just had to include that remark… couldn’t help myself!)

Rail Link

BNSF train

BNSF 6749 train

BNSF 8279 train

BNSF 8279 train

This freight transportation comparison is from the US Transportation Energy book for 2004, rating fuel consumption in BTU’s per ton mile: Air freight – 9,600; Heavy trucks – 3,357; Class 1 Railroads – 341. (Roughly 10 times more efficient than trucks, 30 times more efficient than air freight.) Interestingly enough you don’t hear much about this, even with the current focus on energy use. Are we ignoring something?

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