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February 8, 2008

Icicle art

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Last night my computer was, shall I say, not a whole lot of fun to work with. While taking a break after I finished reducing to writing a special curse I had eloquently and meticulously prepared for the 136th through the 270th generations of the descendents of Bill Gates (the first 135 generations having been treated lavishly in the previous night’s literary masterpiece), and wondering exactly what would constitute the crime in strangling every individual who was ever even remotely involved with the coding of FireFox (especially those who were instrumental in writing the error message about proxy servers), I began to wonder also what an icicle would look like in a middle-of-the-night close-up photograph. I’m sure we have all had similar late night mental meanderings, although I swear this particular one was not even slightly alcohol related; nope, not a drop.

Here’s how that thought turned out:

Icicle art

Since I shot it from outside in the dark looking in toward the house, the ice picked up the flash-illuminated green of the painted fascia board and the orange of the cedar siding in what I would call, for lack of understanding exactly why it put the colors where it did, a random pattern; nothing profound, but mildly pleasing, to my eye at least.

Well now, fair is fair. Despite a very distinguished lack of success in that effort, shooting from outside in, it still remained to give equal time to the opposition, and so I shot another one, from inside out. Well, not from inside the house exactly, but from jammed up against the wall looking out toward a pitch black night. After all, you don’t do stuff like this before midnight, now do you?

And here’s how that effort turned out:

Icicle art

I suppose, after the right amount of very expensive therapy (and yes, I do mean The Famous Grouse this time), that shot might be awarded an “interesting” ribbon, and while I think even that might be too generous, I would take it. However, it did lead to a photo I really like. It’s a much closer look at a very small section of the previous photo.

Icicle art

It gives me cause to begin the formation of an opinion that jewelry doesn’t always have to be expensive. Personally, I prefer this kind.

(Even though the computer is running slightly better at the moment, I plan to leave the curses in effect.)

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