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February 4, 2008

A little bonus

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For today’s conditioning hike I chose an old road which leads out of a canyon not far from my house. It’s a short, steep climb but affords a changing view of the canyon, the valley and some really pretty mountains, depending on how much the weather will disclose at any given time. Today, after a hike of a couple miles and a climb that took me 400 feet above where I left the Jeep, there was this look at a snow storm taking place on the peaks across the valley. The temperature was in the mid twenties with a cold breeze blowing across the ridge top, and there were periods of sun mingled with intermittent snow squalls which changed the views every few minutes. How I love winter!

Snow storm on the peaks

After completing most of the hike, on a small ridge just above the valley bottom, nature provided a little bonus for my efforts. I will never, ever get tired of looking at Bighorns, especially up close. This gal is one of a half dozen ewes who tolerated me long enough to permit a few photos (not that I really needed more photos of Bighorns).

Bighorn ewe

With all of the development that’s going on in the west and the exploitation of the wild country, it’s possible that outings like this may not be possible for many more years. I fervently hope that we, as a people, will be wise enough to keep that from coming to be!

(The other option was to go into town and use the treadmill at the new gym!)

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