Montana Outdoors

December 27, 2007

Let it snow

After yesterday’s hike, three miles still remained to make my goal of 1,300 miles this year. Those last three were the hardest. I walked them today on two feet of snow:

Showshoe 1

Snowshoe 2

The last time I used snowshoes was in the late 50’s and they certainly have changed. Back then they looked like something Paul Bunyan and his wife might have used at Wimbledon and felt as though you had tied small boats to your feet. Today’s version are a vast improvement. They are awesome!

A winter trail atop Loneman Divide.

Winter trail

Snow country in western Montana’s Cabinet Mountains.

Snow country

Looking back on my trail. “Leave nothing behind but tracks on the snow: bring nothing back but memories and photographs.”

Tracks in the snow

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