Montana Outdoors

November 3, 2007


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You don’t see this plant everywhere, but today it just carpeted the ground on a flat-topped ridge over which I was traveling. I enjoyed sitting in this large clump (in the foreground) while eating my lunch.


But while it seemed to be everywhere up on top, there were hardly any berries. Those I found on plants which are growing down off the side of the ridge, on the northern slope, near a small seep of water; and quite nice ones, too. Seeing them always reminds me of several passages in The Sun Singer.


Occasionally mixed in with the kinnikinnik were some small plants, some kind of holly, I believe, and the colors caught my eye. I would have to guess that the areas that are still bright green have been sheltered from the frost by the other leaves (our nighttime temperatures have been in the teens lately).


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