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September 21, 2007

How are your eyes?

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This afternoon I spent a few pleasant hours visiting one of my favorite places, one I call “Mule Deer Heaven”.

A good Mule deer hunter would have seen this mulie doe right away upon arriving at this spot on the trail. She’s approximately in the center of this photo, which represents almost exactly what was seen by the naked eye . If you were unable to pick her up at a glance, you might be called a “vegetarian” in this part of the woods. (“Vegetarian” is an old Indian word that means “bad hunter”.)

Mule deer country

This photo was taken from exactly the same location, but using 12X zoom.

Mule deer doe

And this one is a cropped version of the previous one to give a better look at the pretty little gal.

Mule deer doe

As she lays there in her little shady spot during the day, resting up so she can spend the evening hours with the buck of her choice, here is the scene she has before her.

Clark Fork Valley

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