Montana Outdoors

September 7, 2007

As if there has to be a reason

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Yesterday at the river I had no luck with the trout, but I think these photos show why that didn’t matter: the beauty of the place gives me enough reason to be there.

Clark's Fork

The driftwood on the rocks shows the high water mark during the spring run-off.

Clark's Fork River

Clark's Fork River

Yesterday’s photos of the chokecherries were taken a hundred feet up the bank. Today I returned for some berries and brought back 32 pounds of them which we are now making into jelly and syrup. I don’t think the bears will miss that much. The amount of bear sign down there was surprising, considering how close to the house it is. They must camp there regularly, probably sleeping in the thick brush during the day and feeding on berries all night. And just maybe they enjoy the scenery as much as I do.

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