Montana Outdoors

August 29, 2007

Weeksville Divide: views from the high country

In the wild setting of the East slope of Bighole Peak, spending six hours on the trail is well worthwhile, at least for me.

My companion to the East was my old friend Mount Baldy:

Mount Baldy

To the Northeast and across a small valley was the one hundred and fifty square miles of the Chippy Creek fire. As you look at the mountains against the skyline, all but the one to the far right were burned in the fire.

Chippy creek fire area

To the Southeast lies the valley in which the small town of Plains is located.


Also to the Southeast the red hillside in the distance is an open ridge covered with huckleberry bushes which have already turned color.


This photo looks back down the divide itself, where the trail is hidden in the trees.

Big Hole mountains

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