Montana Outdoors

August 13, 2007

Chippy Creek fire, day 13

According to the latest news broadcast, the fire expanded by 4,000 acres yesterday and may do about the same again tonight. 70,000 acres or 109 square miles have burned so far, 4.7 million dollars has been spent to fight it, and it’s 30% contained. It’s the largest one in Montana at the time and there are now 525 personnel now working on it. The good news is that it looks like the homes in its path to the northeast have been saved!

These photos were taken at about 3 PM today of the southwest corner of the fire where it is crowning in heavy timber.

Chippy Creek fire

Chippy Creek fire

Depending on the weather, I plan to get more photos of this SW area in the morning from the Mount Baldy trail where I can look down on it and get a little better perspective.

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