Montana Outdoors

August 8, 2007

It’ll be all right

In my travels through the wild country, as I look closely at the detail of the land, the sign of fire is everywhere; charcoal at the bases of ancient rock formations, newer black still low on the bark of century-old pines. It has been here before: fire is not new to the wilderness.

The world of men is a world of clocks, and pages marked with days, but the century until the shade of hundred foot pines again cools the earth of this fire-blackened land is but a blink in nature’s world, forty thousand sunrises in a world of millions of millions.

Even now, while the flames still flicker and the smoke still covers the sun, the promise of new can already be seen as I gaze across the miles. And the rain speaks to those who can hear: “It’ll be all right”.

Cherry Creek fire

Chippy Creek fire

Chippy creek fire

Chippy Creek fire

(Photos are of the Chippy Creek fire which was born on July 31, 2007 in the Cabinet Mountains of Western Montana.)

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