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July 18, 2007

Forest fire

I’d like to think differently, but this will probably be one of many posts about wild-land fires (or forest fires) this summer.

Last night around 6:30 a thunderstorm swept over our area. On the good news side, it did bring a little rain: on the bad news side there were lightning strikes by the dozens and one fire was started fairly close by (1 – 2 air miles). It looks to be in pretty steep and rough terrain and so it’s being attacked today by air.

Besides the helicopters with their water buckets, there are now these two small tankers working the fire, dropping their loads of flame retarding slurry:

Slurry bomber

Slurry bomber

Here’s what the slurry drops look like from about a mile away:

Slurry drop

Slurry drop

Oddly enough, exactly 90ยบ to the right of the previous shots, the Clark’s Fork River looks perfectly normal for late July. Those brown meadows above the river illustrate how dry it is this time of year.

Clark's Fork River

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