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July 9, 2007

Another day cutting wood

Oh yes, there are always a few other things going on at the same time.

Here are the results of the day’s work; 3,000 pounds of hard, dry Lodgepole sitting in the bed of the county’s dirtiest truck. This photo was taken on the road that allows access to the high country at the head of Siegel Creek. To the abrupt right, the creek bed is about 600 feet below and nearly straight down, and the cliff can be seen to the left: consider for a moment the guys who put this road in here in the first place. I tip my hat to them! It’s a bumpy, rocky son-of-a-gun of a road, but a very good one. It is comforting to know when you’re up here in really bad weather, that the road will never wash out (ice is a different story).


Flower season is about over for this year. Indian Paint Brushes are still abundant, but that’s about it except for the Fireweed, which is just beginning to bloom. Here’s the start of it (these stems are about four feet tall):


And the critters.

If it were late September, this Blue Grouse would be tomorrow night’s dinner:

Blue Grouse

The high country has its resident scamps. It is plain by the look on this one’s face that he is a SCAMP!

Ground squirrel

Hey, Scamp, your posture is terrible! Stand up straight!

Ground squirrel

That’s better!

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