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July 2, 2007

Western Tanagers

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There’s a nest in the big fir tree right next to the house, and two little furry heads can be seen just above its edge, waiting (not very patiently) to be fed. They belong to a pair of Yellow Warblers who are so shy and secretive that I’ve not been able to photograph them. (I don’t want to disturb the nest or the feeding process either.)

While I was waiting and hoping to get a shot of them, this pair of Western Tanagers arrived and they weren’t nearly as shy and even more colorful.

Mrs. Tanager

Western Tanager, female

Mr. Tanager

Western Tanager, male

Mr. Tanager seems to be quite a ham, and so he wanted to turn his photo-op into a Christmas card.

Western tanager.

Incidentally, their song is just delightful! One warm night about a week ago, we had all the windows open and right outside the window one of these little guys started singing at 1:30 AM. When it’s very still out, they can really be loud, but what a pleasant interlude in the middle of the night!

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