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July 1, 2007

An afternoon on a stream

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Yesterday afternoon was an ideal time for fishing a small stream and therefore I did just that. (Well, someone had to! )

Little Thompson River

This is a stream I have the privilege of sharing with some real fishermen who live there. Here’s one of them:

Osprey and nest

I think that’s Mrs. Osprey, either getting her nest ready (does it seem large enough?) for some newcomers or perhaps already tending her eggs. (I noticed she stayed only in the one area of the nest, and no little heads were yet visible at the edge of it.)

Osprey and her nest

Thinking about it, I’m the third generation of my family to fish here. I wonder how many generations of ospreys there have been! This particular nest has been here and in use for 15 years that I can attest to and I’m sure it has been here much longer than that. The tree that supports it lost it’s top, probably to a lightning strike, but remains very much alive and healthy. The nest is about 60 feet above the ground.

The fish here are mostly small Brook trout, but plentiful, and I have a friend who always welcomes a big mess of little trout ( I brought her 16). I enjoyed a beautiful day on a stream that I’ve fished for nearly 60 years.

Little Thompson River

Oh yes, the stream and all the other things that live in the forest around it, too.

There were lots and lots of these,


and these were everywhere in a large meadow.


I’ll refer to this one by its scientific name, “some kind of flowering water plant“. It lives in a surprisingly fast current, and I like the colors of its stems, leaves and buds in the stream.

Some kind of water plant?!

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