Montana Outdoors

June 20, 2007

Firewood perk

One of the many things I like about heating our home with a wood burning stove is that I get to go to places like this to cut firewood.

Nine Mile Canyon
Nine Mile Canyon. Photo taken from upper Siegel Creek.


  1. Sorry about the funky comments Terry, I think I am having a spam problem and I am trying to correct it as we speak. BTW nice image.


    Comment by Bernie Kasper — June 20, 2007 @ 9:20 pm

  2. aw, pity you have to look at that so often! 🙂


    Comment by skouba — June 20, 2007 @ 10:04 pm

  3. Yup. As they say, “it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it”. I never take this for granted and never will.

    At daylight in the morning I’m heading up a trail I discovered that should yield some good scenes if the hike doesn’t kill me. It goes up 1,100 feet in the first 1/3 mile, but then levels out at about 6,200 feet, nearly 4,000 feet above the valley. No matter what, it’ll be worth it.


    Comment by montucky — June 20, 2007 @ 10:20 pm

  4. I think I am up and running now, what a great scene, kinda makes work a little easier when you have a view like this. BTW what kind of camera equipment are using Terry and do you print your own stuff out or do you have it done for you? I would also like to link you up to my blog if you don’t mind?


    Comment by Bernie Kasper — June 21, 2007 @ 12:52 pm

  5. Glad you’re back, Bernie. Yes, I love the high country. Brought back a bunch of pictures again today from one of the peaks. I’m paying for the hike right now, but still worth the price.

    The camera I’m using is a Kodak Z712 IS. They just came out with it and I received mine on May 1. It’s 7MP and 12X optical. Still figuring it out, but it has a lot of capability and is pretty easy to carry on the long tough hikes. Pretty fast to get it into action too. (I got some neat shots of a Coyote today but didn’t get it going quite quickly enough for a huge White-tail buck.)

    You know, I’ve never printed anything or had any printed yet. I have several candidates though. My emphasis this spring and summer has been to get out there and get some decent shots while I can and maybe do something with them during the winter.

    I would appreciate a link very much. Thanks!


    Comment by montucky — June 21, 2007 @ 7:26 pm

  6. I love the way the blues interact in this photo – very nice.


    Comment by aullori — June 21, 2007 @ 7:46 pm

  7. Even though I’m used to it, it always fascinates me that a little haze in the air turns everything in the distance to blue.


    Comment by montucky — June 21, 2007 @ 8:33 pm

  8. It’s neat to see your appreciation of the surroundings while you are out working out your existence. Nature is a beautiful thing we just have to open our eyes. You have experienced sights that others never will. Keep the wonder.



    Comment by Ron Mangels — December 3, 2011 @ 9:17 pm

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Ron! Yes, nature holds great beauty: I wish more folks could see it.


      Comment by montucky — December 4, 2011 @ 11:12 am

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