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June 20, 2007

Firewood perk

One of the many things I like about heating our home with a wood burning stove is that I get to go to places like this to cut firewood.

Nine Mile Canyon
Nine Mile Canyon. Photo taken from upper Siegel Creek.

Ready for anything

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When I selected my camera, I wanted one that was relatively small, light, and quick to use because it would go on many back country hikes and encounter many different conditions requiring a lot of versatility.

Here is an example. These photos were taken about 20 seconds apart.

Western bluebird
Mountain bluebird who didn’t want his picture taken.

White-tail doe
It’s a tough life for this White-tail doe who’s up to her belly in food!

Mock orange

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This is another blossom I remember so vividly from childhood. It’s actually a shrub, will get up to 12 feet tall and has a beautiful scent.

Mock orange
Mock orange Philadelphus lewisii

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