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June 15, 2007

Flora, fauna, and the peaks

This is a rather brief sample from today’s hike into the Cherry Peak roadless area ( 3 out of 45 pictures taken).

The flora:

I probably have enough pictures of the Lady’s Slipper, but this one posed so nicely today I had to add one more.

Lady's Slipper

The fauna:

If this little fellow had chosen to perch in among some old leaves, or on the dark bark of, say, a Tamarak, he would not have been noticed. I saw several today, and the top surfaces of their wings are bright orange, but when they light, they keep the wings together to take advantage of their camouflage.


The peaks:

It’s my contention that mountains are best viewed, not from the valleys, but from high places, and this photo illustrates why it’s worth it to me to hike five miles to get to where I could take it.

Cherry Peak


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Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s easy. A few days ago I had to hike three miles and play a game of cat-and-mouse for half an hour to get this long distance photo of a White-tail doe.

White-tail doe

Then about an hour after I returned home, I took the following pictures through our kitchen window. (Don’t let the innocent looks fool you… this guy is a professional apple thief!)

White-tail buck

White-tail buck

White-tail buck

White-tail buck

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