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June 12, 2007

Blanket Flower

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Yesterday I tracked down what I think is a Blanket Flower after seeing a really nice photo of one by aullori.

Here it is in profile:

Blanket Flower


Yesterday on a trip into the upper Siegel Creek area (wood cutting was my excuse this time) I found the Bear Grass in full bloom. After tiring myself out taking 40-some photos of it (I’ll post some of them later), I decided to take a break and cut a load of wood when I noticed a flash of movement higher on the mountain and found I had a couple of visitors. After a rather clumsy stalk, I got into camera range of this pair, a doe with her last year’s son still in tow. Notice the huge ears: that’s why they have the title “Mule” deer.

Mule deer doe.

Mule deer doe.

Mule deer yearling buck.

Mule deer buck (yearling)

Mule deer duo.
Mule deer pair.

I have always thought the mule deer choose to live where they do because of the scenery. They like high open places with great views to the south. This is the view of the Nine Mile drainage that these two enjoy every day. About a mile to the left of where the photo was taken is the edge of the Reservation Divide roadless area. (For perspective, the photo was taken at 6,000 feet elevation, and the sharp peak at the skyline, center, is 20 miles away and 7,400 feet.)

Nine mile drainage.

Nine Mile drainage.

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