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May 25, 2007

Hornet nest

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Nests made by hornets and wasps, especially paper wasps are common and easily recognizable. I’ve seen hundreds of various types, but never one like this 2 inch by 6 inch masterpiece that hangs about 5 feet above the ground not far from a trail in a deep canyon near where I live:

Hornet nest

While I am curious about its internal construction, I will not disturb the nest to satisfy that curiosity.

It’s builder skillfully used instincts developed over thousands of years in crafting it; thousands of years living in complete harmony with nature. It is not built on a concrete pad, nor was any piece of nature destroyed to make a place for it. There was no necessity for the pollution from iron smelters to make its supporting girders, no fossil energy needed to move the necessary materials. A building permit was not required for it; no special use permits, no legal fees, no municipal regulations. It has no mortgage, incurs no property taxes, and when its useful life comes to an end, its material will gently return to the earth from where it came.

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