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May 1, 2007


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Miles, that is. Phase one has been completed. This year I determined that I would get into shape for some serious exploration of Montana’s wilderness, and daily (well, almost daily) hikes have been the order. Yesterday at about 4 PM I completed mile 500.

Phase two was completed today when a much better camera arrived. In a few years I will understand how to use it. The manufacturer realizes that the new models are smarter than most of us (especially me) and provided the option of fully automatic everything, which is my salvation. It will give me much more capability than ever before. If I live long enough, I’ll learn to use some of the manual settings.

In the mean time, nature has kept up her spring ritual of decorating the hillsides with color. Here are a few photos of her latest decorations:

Arrowleaf balsamroot – Balsamorhiza sagittata. Actually, these are in my back yard, the part that nature and only nature controls. There’s about an acre of them.
Arrowleaf Balsamroot

Wild celery – (We used to call it that, but actually it is Desert Parsley) Lomatium. Most species have roots that taste like celery. This flower is about 6 inches long.
Desert Parsley

Serviceberry – Amelanchier utahensis Koehne. These literally cover the hillsides of the small canyons and ravines going up from the river. In the fall their berries are delicious and I have had many meals of them. They’re also a favorite of bears, and all kinds of species of birds.
Serviceberry blossoms

I had to throw in a couple of the domesticated variety too:


(Teacup) tulip. It’s just a little guy, only about 4 inches tall. The blue interior is unusual in tulips.
(Teacup) tulip

Now, when the snow in the high country melts down to a manageable level, my exploration can begin.

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