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April 20, 2007

Our environment in jeopardy

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Yesterday in Kalispell Montana there was a lawsuit settlement which cleared the way for an individual to operate a gravel pit approximately two miles from the junction of U.S. Highway 2 and Going to the Sun Road, between the highway and the Glacier National Park boundary. As this story in The Daily Interlake describes. Once again simple human greed triumphs over the common good.

Recently the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks issued a “Red Alert” on energy leases throughout Montana. This story from New West Travel & Outdoors describes the imminent threat to wildlife and the environment posed by rampant leasing of public and private lands for fossil fuel exploration and development, especially natural gas and coal bed methane development. To me it is an extremely frightening situation.

How are these two stories related? The way these situations can be controlled, I think the only way they can be controlled, is through our elected officials; our votes count! It is not just in Montana, Idaho or Wyoming that the environment is under attack, but literally in every one of these United States. Perhaps the lawsuits brought by conservation and environmental groups have the potential to slow down the exploitation and destruction of the environment, but it’s my opinion that ultimately our choices in who and what we vote for, who and what we support, and how good we are at voicing our opinions to our elected officials are the only things that can bring it under control.

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