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April 7, 2007

The pine flower

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By mid May in these parts, the flowers of nature have been abundant for over a month, and in the myriad of colors and spectacular blooms it’s easy to overlook one from the largest of the flowering plants and which probably has more impact than all the others. The flower of the pine.

Yellow pine flower

The flower in the photo is from the Ponderosa Pine, referred to around here as simply the Yellow Pine. The mother of this flower grows in our front yard, stands just over one hundred feet tall and measures in at a diameter of thirty-nine inches at her base.

Judging from her size and condition, her roots began to start reaching down for water and nutriments some time between the Civil War and the beginning of World War One. By the time my children have finished living their lives and have passed the reins on to their children, she will be just approaching middle age.

Sometimes when I contemplate the frailty of human existence, I am somewhat amused at our commonly held contention that we own the land.

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